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A week in the mountains

When my sister and me were little, my parents took us on summer holiday’s to Austria for a couple of years. The last time we all went on holiday with the 4 of us was over 10 years ago and with my sister graduating this year, the parents thought it would be a good idea to get some time away together again. Back to Austria

This year we went to the Zillertal, in a small village call Stumm, in a nice hotel at the edge of the village. On the first day we walked along the Ziller, had lunch in Zell and then I continued on to Mayrhofen, while the rest of the family took the train back to Stumm.

On day 2, we headed up into the mountains. But since each our abilities and expectations were somewhat different, we split up. The parents got off halfway up the mountain and would hike up to our lunch spot. My sister and I headed further up, where she would make a small loop to the hut and would hike/run a bigger loop. I ended up hitting 2 summits, the Ritzkopf and the Kreutzjoch, before heading back down and meeting the rest a the family for lunch (which was Kaiserschmaren, yummy :)). And we all arrived there within about 20 minutes of each other so the plan worked out great.

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Then I found a route down the mountain and ran back to Stumm that way, while the others took the elevator and the train back. The run turned out to be about 20km, most if not all of it downhill. I definitely felt that in my quads the day after.

The weather during the week was quite nice, a couple of rainy and overcast days but for the most part it was hot and sunny. The sunburns on the back of my knees and calves prove as much :)

After a day of up & down fun on our own, we headed to the Durlaßboden Stausee on the third day. It was about a 10km hike around the lake, most of it in the blazing heat. But we got rewarded with some amazing views along the way so it was well worth it.

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I could go on and on about the different hikes we did but needless to say we all had a great time. Good food, great weather, the mountains and most of all: quality time with the family.

There's another post coming about a specific hike I did that was pretty adventurous, with lots of photos too. Stay tuned for that :)