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Indoor cycling with Zwift

After looking around online & comparing indoor trainers for a while, I jumped in head first and got myself a Wahoo KICKR Core about 5 weeks ago. Even though it's my first indoor trainer,

I went for a fairly expensive one for a couple of reasons. Noise, or the lack thereof, being the primary reason for getting the Core. Weel-on trainers are less expensive but they also make lots more noise. And since I live on the third floor of a less-then-optimaly insulated apartment building, my downstairs neighbours probably wouldn't be to happy with me grinding out my training a couple of nights a week.

That studio apartment is another reason why I wanted to get an indoor trainer. I store my bike inside my small apartment and I have to clean it in here too. Fall & winter weather can be quite nasty here, which results in a muddy and grimy bike after even short rides outside during this season. That, and the fact it it's already dark outside when I get home from work, not the beste motivator to get any riding done.

So I got the Kickr, got a mat to put it on reduce the vibration & noise some more and so far it's been great. Just over 5 weeks in and I've done almost 1000km! And even more crazy 14000 meters of elevation. I'm definitely happy that I decided to make the investment and I think I'll be great for my form and condition come spring :)