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Corona quarantine, week 1

Considering the extraordinary situation that is happening all around us this week, I wanted to get some of my thoughts down somewhere.

I tried writing something longer but I couldn't quite put it in words so here's a short(er) list.

  • I was supposed to move to a new appartment on April 1st. That got pushed out to May 1st. I can stay where I live now until May 5th so we're good for now.
  • The place I'm currently living is a small studio appartment. Usually it's fine since I'm not there most of the time. Working from home and not going out means it feels tiny.
  • There were some slightly panicy and last-minute shopping trips with my dad but each time we arrived at a store that had just shut its doors an hour earlier.
  • "Disconnecting" from work is proving to be really hard. I sit at my desk to work and when the day is done there is nowhere else to go. No commute, no transition.
  • Not forcing myself to try and do anything productive in the evenings, or at least trying to.
  • Thank god for Zwift and indoor cycling. I've been riding each day after work and that creates some sort of seperation after the work day
  • Missing the girlfriend like crazy. We work in the same office so we've gotten used to seeing eachother every day for most of the day (we don't live together yet). Thank god for video conferencing.
  • Volunteered to help deliver some sewing-kit to people around town so they can make face masks. Felt good to help.
  • Sleeping remarkably well.

In the end, my family and friends are ok and healthy and so am I. I'm stressing out about the move but there's nothing I can do the change the situation so we'll have to take it as it comes.

Maybe untill next week.

Stay safe. And stay indoors.