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Corona quarantine, week 2

Some thoughts after the second week of working-from-home/social-distancing.

  • The current measures have been prolonged until April 19th, and possibly May 3th. Making the move the new appartment on May 1st highly unlikely.
  • The lease of my current place ends on May 5th so I'll probably be moving back in with my parents untill I can get into my new place. Not decided yet but we'll prepare and pack for the "worst" case.
  • I went to work at the office on Thursday. My studio appartment got too small, there was a lot of construction going on next door (= noise) and I just had to get out of here for a bit.
  • Work went better than the first week. Still some ups & downs but I managed to stay focussed a lot better.
  • Working some overtime on Saturday and not really minding it.
  • Projects & work seem to still be coming in at the office, good to not have to worry about that
  • Video-calling with the parents and my sister (who lives in Bucharest, Romania) was great and will become a weekly thing
  • Making it a habit to check in with friends. Just a quick text or a "good morning".
  • Did lots of bike courier runs to deliver and pick up face masks packages. Good to be out on the bike and see (from a safe distance) other people who are keen to help out.

Hang in there everyone, and stay indoors.