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Corona quarantine, week 5

Time flys and nothing much is changing so I felt like I didn't have much to share over the past weeks. Here's a little update from within my quartine bubble:

  • There's finally an update on the move to the new appartment! I should have the keys by the end of next week if all goes to plan, so I'll probably be moving next weekend. My dad will be helping with that as there's no way I can do everything by myself. And most of my stuff had already been moved back to my parents house anyway.
  • Hopefully I'll be able to arange for an internet connection at the new place quickly, otherwise I'll have to go and work at the office (I'll be the only one there and it's only 10 minutes away so it's not a big big issue. But I'd rather be staying home
  • Work has been exceptionally busy the past 3 weeks. Loads of cool projects but it's getting to be a bit much.
  • I've been on my indoor cycling trainer a lot. This week I did 230km and 9,3 hours (of which just 27km and 1 hour was outside).
  • Been watching previous seasons of De Mol while training indoors. I haven't had cable TV for years so I haven't seen any of these before and they're good fun to pass the time.
  • Haven't seen my girlfriend in 3 weeks and it's really tough. We video call everything and watch TV "together" but still, I can't wait to hold her once this is all over.

Next week's update promises to be bigger, with hopefully some good appartement-moving next.

Hope you are all heathly and staying indoors, 'till next week!