Craft CMS plugins

Here’s an overview of the Craft CMS plugins I’ve created:

Navigate makes building out the menus on the site a breeze. Add entries, url’s or assets to them on multiple levels, add classes where you’d like and change their title in the menu.

SEO Fields - (plugin store - github)

Fields for your meta & OG data, sitemaps & robots.txt. Fast to set up, easy to customize.

Easy Address Field - (plugin store - github)

Easy Address Field is the easiest way to add an address to your entries. Enable the fields you want for the address, automatically get the coordinates for an address and place the marker exactly where you want it.

Mollie Payments - (plugin store - github)

Mollie Payments gives developers an easy way to accept payments on your website.

A one-off payment for a donation, event registration with online payments or an all out javascript cart implementation, stick this plugin to the end of that flow and accept payments in 1, 2 ,3.

Date range field - (plugin store - github)

One field for both start & end date (and optional time), making it easy to create event-like content without the need for a full custom events plugin.

Google Shopping Feed - (plugin store - github)

A Google Shopping Feed for Craft Commerce

Facebook Product Catalog - (plugin store - github)

Get your products or entries into Facebook Catalog, on your Facebook page and on your Instagram account.