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Hey, I'm Jan

I'm an experienced web developer focussing on Craft CMS. I have years of experience building client websites, commercial and custom plugins and third-party integrations.

I like to help other freelancers and agencies take their Craft projects to the next level. Sounds good? Reach out! Looking forward to working with you!

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Adventure Inspiration: Iron Curtain Bike Trail

Web Development
12/11/2020 - Permalink

Link to Creating valid and accessible links

The anchor element is often cited as the main building block of the World Wide Web. It is used to create a link to other pages, to anchors within the same page, to other resources (such as a PDF) or to an email address. How can we make sure they are accessible to everyone?

Start with valid HTML, good link text and when not to use a link.

Web Development
11/11/2020 - Permalink

Link to Securing the Web With Lets Encrypt - Changelog

Very interesting podcast with Josh Ash on how Let's Encrypt started and about what it takes to start a new Certificate Authority. Well worth the listen if you work on the web like me and you interact with SSL certificates and Let's Encrypt on a daily basis.

Open Source
Command Line
11/10/2020 - Permalink

Link to dog – a command-line DNS client (written in Rust)

dog is a command-line DNS client, like dig. It has colourful output, understands normal command-line argument syntax, supports the DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS protocols, and can emit JSON.

Looks good, and on Mac it can be install through homebrew (`brew install dog`).


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