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Hey, I'm Jan

I'm an experienced web developer focussing on Craft CMS. I have years of experience building client websites, commercial and custom plugins and third-party integrations.

I like to help other freelancers and agencies take their Craft projects to the next level. Sounds good? Reach out! Looking forward to working with you!

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Spending my time more consciously

I don't really believe in big new year's resolutions or making big changes on an arbitrary date but this year I'm going to try and change some things.


The case for non-technical meetups


On mechanical keyboards

The idea of a mechanical keyboard has been intriguing me for a couple of years now but I never really took it further because I wanted to stick to an AZERTY layout. But an couple of months ago, one of my coworkers got into the hobby big time and that got me doing some more researching well, here we are. Guess what I'm typing this on 🙂

Command Line
Web Development

Running Composer 2 alongside Composer 1

Composer 2.0 launched in October of last year and you really should be using it. It's much faster than version 1.x.

Web Development
Craft CMS

Using template hooks to enhance Craft CMS

Template hooks allow you to insert a template or some custom CSS or Javascript into a page, for example in the Craft CMS Control Panel.

Web Development
23/01/2021 - Permalink

Link to Why do people complain so much about CSS?

"I think one of the things is that it’s actually really hard to get really good at CSS. I think HTML is funnily similar, too… It’s one of these things that everybody knows a bit of, but there’s actually not a huge number of people who invest that much time and effort into becoming real experts in it, the way that they do with JavaScript or other things."

Via @changelog

09/01/2021 - Permalink

Link to More dev fonts!

More development focussed fonts, courtesy of CCS Tricks this time.

I'm taking Fira Code for a spin an my work machine right now.

Via @SaraSoueidan

29/11/2020 - Permalink

Link to Dev Fonts

A collections of fixed-width fonts, optimized for readability of code. I've been on JetBrains Mono for a long time, giving IBM Plex Mono a try now :)

Via @CronWeekly